DISCUSS Issues Relevant To Sport & Life

Being aware is key, being knowledgeable is imperative, and discussing the truth is the only way for resolution.

DISCUSS is a pivotal pillar that aims to educate elite athletes about topics that have historically been swept under the carpet when it comes to athletics. Issues that are relevant to sport and to life will be discussed by means of honest and open conversations in hopes of motivating athletes to be aware, knowledgeable, vulnerable to the truth and compassionate towards others.

Knowledge is Power. - Francis Bacon

Peek Inside Pillar 4: Discuss

  • 1
    • Pillar Outline
  • 2
    • Meet Dr. Jennifer Fraser
    • Module Outline
    • Introduction
    • What Abusers Look Like
    • The Effect of Bullying & Abuse
    • Athletes Bullying Athletes
    • Lack Of Knowledge
    • Abuse Defined
    • The Cinderella Law
    • Abuse Harms Brains
    • Turning A Blind Eye
    • Correlation Between Sports & The Workplace
    • Change Brings Opportunity
    • Opportunities For Athletes
    • Conclusion
    • Reflection Questions
  • 3
    • Meet Geoff Scales
    • Module Outline
    • Introduction
    • Personal Development
    • Leading Self vs Leading Others
    • What Is Great Leadership?
    • Finite vs Infinite Leadership
    • Myths Of Leadership
    • Your Leadership
    • Conclusion
    • Reflection Questions
  • 4
    • Meet Dr. Saul Miller
    • Module Outline
    • Introduction
    • The Right Focus
    • Setting Goals
    • The Right Feeling
    • Conscious Breathing
    • Energy & Emotions
    • Anxiety, Negativity & Frustration
    • The Right Attitude
    • Confidence
    • Conclusion
    • Reflection Questions
  • 5
    • Pillar 4 Feedback

Meet The Experts

Dr. Jennifer Fraser

After the publication of her third book, Teaching Bullies, Dr. Jennifer Fraser was featured in the Huffington Post, was a keynote speaker for National Alliance of Youth Sports, and wrote for the Coaching Association of Canada's magazine. Teaching Bullies went on to be an Amazon bestseller in sport psychology as it tackles the uncomfortable, but pressing issue of coaches who use bullying tactics with their athletes.

With a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto, Fraser's work on bullying in sport draws on journalism, psychology, law and neuroscience and is in pursuit to replace bullying with an updated, evidence-based approach for the 21st century.

Dr. Jennifer Fraser

Dr. Saul Miller

Dr. Saul L. Miller is one of North America’s leading performance and sport psychologists. He’s the author of 8 books including Hockey Tough: A Winning Mental Game, Performing Under Pressure and Why Teams Win: 9 Keys to Success in Business Sport and Beyond.

Dr. Miller consults with sport teams, corporations and health organizations across North America. The focus of his work is enhancing performance, team building, and helping people achieve success while dealing effectively with pressure, stress, and change.

In sport, he has worked with the NY Mets, Seattle Mariners, LA Dodgers, Rams, Clippers, and Kings, St. Louis Blues, Vancouver Canucks, Nashville Predators, plus PGA golfers, Olympians and pro athletes from Europe. There’s no one in North America with more “hands on” experience facilitating success and well-being. Dr. Miller’s clients have set records, won championships and gold medals.
Dr. Saul Miller

Geoff Scales

Geoff is an experienced Leadership and Organization Development Consultant who is passionate about leadership development, team development, executive coaching, and culture transformation. Geoff has spent 13 years designing and delivering Leadership and Organization Development programs for clients in North America. He has facilitated 1200+ workshops since 2005.

Prior to entering the Leadership and Organization Development field and founding Scales + Associates, he spent 3 years as an Investment Banker with Morgan Stanley in London, England and 7 years as an Advertising Executive in Vancouver.
Geoff Scales